A Message from the Principal

Aida Fraser-Hammer



From the Desk of Principal Aïda Fraser-Hammer
(Abridged) Newsletter
April 2014

I am happy to report that Chief Sealth International High School is a recipient of the 2013  Washington Achievement Award. CSIHS is being honored for HIGH PROGRESS.  Schools qualify for recognition if they are in the top 10% of schools making the most progress in the performance of the all student groups over the last three years.  OSPI calculates the progress score by combining the Achievement Score (average of proficiency rates in both reading and math) with the Improvement Score (average of improvement trends from year to year).  This is an extraordinary accomplishment and is a direct reflection of the hard work and the dedication of our teachers and students, and the support of our parents.

This award is well deserved.. In the past year(s), the staff at CSIHS have implemented several improvements that have impacted our students' success. We will continue to reflect on our practice and make the necessary changes to ensure that our students are learning.

The award for High Progress was presented to me at the OSPI statewide ceremony April 24th in Lacey.

It's a great day to be a Seahawk!!

Aida Fraser-Hammer, Principal

Chief Sealth International High School
2600 SW Thistle St
Seattle, WA 98126



Chief Sealth Fight Song

Fight On Seahawks, Fight!
Go S-E-A-L-T-H
Fight S-E-A-L-T-H
Win for the Alma Mater
Fight for Sealth High!
Red, Blue and White
Fight, Fight, Fight
Onward to Victory
So Hail to our Alma Mater
Fight on Seahawks, Fight!

Greetings from the President

Debbie Taylor





It is past time for me to say goodbye as the President of Friends of Sealth.  Although I continue to volunteer with the Friends of Sealth, David Nichols, Chief Sealth Class of 1973, has been leading the Friends as President since my term ended.


Thank you to all that have supported Friends of Sealth and to those that continue to do so.  Through donations and concession stand sales at SWAC, Friends of Sealth was able to award $3,000 in  college scholarships to the following Chief Sealth International High School 2015 graduates this past May:


Sophie Boyd $1,000 Academic Award
Ryan Maroney $1,000 Athletic Award
Megan Foulk $500 Academic Award
Megan Hafermann $500 Athletic Award


Please join me in welcoming Dave Nichols as the President of Friends of Sealth.  Consider joining this all volunteer organization as they lend their time and talents to the support of the Friends of Sealth mission of supporting Chief Sealth academics, arts, athletics, activities and alumni.


Debbie Taylor, Class of 1980, President Emeritus




Alma Mater

Hail Chief Sealth High
To Thee We Sing
Our Alma Mater Dear
To Thee We Will Be Loyal
Faithful and Sincere (and Sincere)
As One We Sing Thy Glory
That's Where Our Dreams All Lie
Hail to Our Alma Mater
Hail Chief Sealth High

Friends of Sealth is a non-profit corporation supporting Chief Sealth International High School’s Academics, Arts, Activities, Athletics and Alumni.